cut-e helps you pinpoint the best people, reduce time-to-hire and save costs

There are many challenging scenarios recruiters are facing. You need a partner who can work with you to help you solve the selection problems you have. 

Perhaps you’re faced with a high number of applicants, or just can’t differentiate between them because of similarity of qualification and experience. Or perhaps you’re competing for very scarce talent, or struggling to standardise your processes across multiple locations – or you know that it takes too long to get from application to start-date. 

Clients who use cut-e to support recruitment

Our recruitment process experience

cut-e draws on its years of experience with hundreds of global and local clients to deploy online psychometrics to meet the challenges they face. Our customised screening tools such as Situational Judgement Tests, help indicate those likely to behave and react to your work scenarios in the way in which you need and our online ability tests pinpoint those with the level of reasoning skill your role demands. Competency-based instruments show the match or fit between candidate capabilities and those you are looking for. 

But we don’t just develop and supply the tools. We work with you to then analyse the results over time to then make adjustments to your selection process to optimise the use of assessment instruments. 

GDPR compliance and the implications for assessing job candidates

Learn how the new GDPR regulations will impact on recruitment and the handling of candidate data. This document highlights that GDPR is not just an issue for legal and IT teams. It has implications for recruiters because of its impact on how you collect, store, use and share assessment data on job candidates and employees.

Talent 2021: What is shaping talent trends

Read this e-book to discover how our approach to talent will change in the coming years and learn that:


  • The ‘millennial’ generation is changing how we view leadership and what is needed.
  • The move to a more continuous approach to listening to our employees means adapting how we measure employee engagement.
  • Assessments via smartphones is an increasing trend–  as is doing more with the data generated at all assessment touchpoints.
  • There will be a change in sales competencies that businesses need.
  • How HR will transform its service model – and what the changes in HR technology will mean for organisations.

Products used in recruitment

Our product range is vast, covering personality, abilities, innovation and creativity, integrity, motivation, and values – and there’s a tool for every level of job be they graduate or executive, white or blue collar worker. But where to start? Our Product Finder will suggest some tools – and our Recruitment Consultancy Service can help design the best workflow for your business based on your specific requirements. Our pre-application assessments are becoming widely used by those wanting to engage with potential applicants before they even apply. Post-application, we can help you filter out unsuitable candidates (ideal when you have a high volume of applications) so you can focus on those most likely to succeed and work with you to map out the recruitment stages as well as the relevant communications at these points. Many of our assessments can now be carried out on mobile devices.

Predictive analytics for selection

Working with you to understand and define what is critical to the role and your organisation - both now and in the future, the cut-e Predictive Talent Analytics for recruitment develops a framework for your selection assessments. It means that your candidate assessment considers what you need today, and future-proof them for the time ahead. 

The reports generated from the candidate assessment: 

  • Outline a candidate’s role and fit with the organisation based on your validated model
  • Focus on the relevant competencies for the role for which a candidate is being assessed
  • Include full interview guides
  • Are available immediately upon completion of an assessment
  • Reflect your competency model and corporate language, and are available in over 40 languages and this can be different to the language in which the assessment was completed

Research at the core of product development

To be of value, psychometric tests need to of high quality and constantly evaluated and refined. Our research programme includes ongoing product enhancement and development as well as designing and developing new tools which push the boundaries of assessment and the skills businesses need. We were the first to develop assessments specifically for use on mobile devices and the first to design a practical test of creativity. Our Research Team works with clients to develop new normative sets and validation studies and carries out specific research projects with direct relevance to recruitment: how to minimise cheating; how mobile devices are used; what candidates expect from an assessment experience. Our latest research in our Global Assessment Barometer shows that more organisations are wanting to group a number of assessments to offer them together and reduce the amount of time spent testing - but retain solid test principles. Such results feed into our product development.

White Paper: Wired for Engagement

Research shows that an employee’s personality can have a big influence on how engaged they are at work. In other words, some people are just “wired for engagement.”

This white paper discusses the specific personality traits that are related to higher levels of employee engagement, which can in turn lead to advantages for your organisation. To learn more about the specific personality traits associated with engagement and how to incorporate engagement into your hiring processes, order your free white paper below.

cut-e Online Video Interviewing

cut-e Online Video Interviewing is an innovative web-based HR solution which is easy to use and enables organizations to get an authentic impression of the specific skills and competencies of candidates quickly, safely and with ease through the simple use of video interviews. Using this tool, candidates can complete independently a structured competency based video interview from anywhere in the world. cut-e Online Video Interviewing allows evaluators to score and screen candidates in a time effective and legally defensible manner, reducing dramatically screening costs.

The use of cut-e Online Video Interviewing has a number of advantages including:

  • Reduces interviewing time by 70% compared with other methods
  • Ensures high levels of efficiency and objectivity through multiple evaluator verification 
  • Overcomes scheduling difficulties which characterise traditional interviewing methods 
  • Reduces the cost for candidates participating in the recruitment process 

White Paper: Make better talent decisions through intelligent data

A talent strategy underpinned by data-driven decisions allows companies to recruit individuals who will stay longer, perform better and will be more engaged: key factors leading to higher customer satisfaction and stronger business performance. 


This paper explains how to convert your employee-related 'big data' into 'smart talent data'.

Recruitment for different target groups

Companies want their assessment to reflect the target candidates they are reaching. This can be by sector, by job level or task, or by function. Our assessment tools work across all sectors, all industries and at all job levels – but we also have more focused measures for, and expertise in, some specific areas. We have developed tailored tools for the aviation and retail sectors and have instruments for use with graduates, apprentices and trainees, salespeople and drivers and machine operators.

Design af assessment og development centre

cut-es eksperter har lang erfaring med at udforme assessment- og development centre. Vi kan bistå din organisation i hele assessment center processen, fra jobanalyse og valg af kortlægningsmetoder til screening af ansøgere, udvikling af interviewguides og simuleringsopgaver samt projektledelse i forbindelse med assessment centeret.

Vi udvikler pålidelige og pragmatiske løsninger tilpasset behovet i din organisation. Vi er vant til at samarbejde tæt med nøglepersoner i organisationen, og har lang erfaring med at oplære virksomhedsinterne bedømmere.

Du er velkommen til at tage kontakt med os for at høre mere om vores erfaringer og tanker vedrørende dette område.

Hvad er kompetencebaseret rekruttering?

For det første, hvad betyder "kompetence" i kompetencebaseret rekruttering?
Kompetence (kompetencer i flertal) henviser til et bundt personlige attributter, der vedrører at være god til en specifik aktivitet. Kompetencer består af personlighed, evner, viden og erfaring samt interesse og motivation.

Det lyder indlysende, at rekruttering bør være baseret på disse faktorer. Men alt for ofte kan virksomheder ikke finde de rette kandidater. Eller værre, de kan finde den rette kandidat, for så senere at finde ud af, at det alligevel ikke var den rette kandidat. Så hvordan gør rekruttering imod kompetencer en forskel?

Hvad er formålet med kompetencebaseret rekruttering?
Kompetencebaseret rekruttering handler om at forstå nøjagtigt, hvad der er behov for til det pågældende job. Derefter at definere en proces, der identificerer nøjagtigt de kompetencer, der er væsentlige for succes i jobbet. Det handler om personlighed, evner, viden og kulturel tilpasning. Eller sagt på en enklere måde, at skabe en klar adskillelse mellem personlige træk (foretrækker at gøre), motivation (vil gerne gøre) og kognitive evner (kan gøre) - og rekruttere på basis af disse oplysninger.

Af disse bliver personligheden oftest undervurderet, når kompetencer og succes i jobbet forudsiges. Som Jack Welsh, tidligere administrerende direktør for General Electrics så koncist har udtrykt det: "Alt for ofte ansætter vi af færdighedsårsager og fyrer af personlighedsårsager. Jeg kan lære folk færdigheder. I vil have holdninger."

Fordelene ved kompetencerekrutteret rekruttering
Kompetencebaseret rekruttering er effektiv og virkningsfuld og dermed økonomisk. cut-e rådgiverne kan give råd om, hvordan du optimerer din rekrutteringsproces. cut-e tests og spørgeskemaer er afprøvet, testet og giver dokumenterede oplysninger, der er væsentlige for at træffe bedre beslutninger.

Strategiske kompetencemodeller


Gode kompetencemodeller er effektive, træfsikre og praktiske. Mange af de kompetencemodeller som virksomheder anvender i dag er imidlertid store, tunge og i værste fald ikke særligt brugbare. I stedet for at tage udgangspunkt i organisationens strategiske mål, baserer mange organisationer sig på indspil fra forskellige grupper i organisationen. Faren ved dette er, at kompetencemodellen ikke afspejler virksomhedens strategiske mål, men i højere grad ender med at være en slags opsummering af en række gruppers opfattelse af, hvad der er vigtigt.

cut-e hjælper dig med at fokusere på det vigtigste. Hvis du ønsker ekspertvejledning og information, eller hvis du ønsker at overlade projektet i sin helhed til os, så har cut-e konsulenter som leverer funktionelle, brugervenlige og træfsikre kompetencemodeller.


Hvor mobil skal vurderingen være?

Teknologien vil fortsat udvikle sig hurtigt, og det er klart, at der er mulighed for at indbygge evnerne. Det fundamentale spørgsmål er, hvordan anvender vi dem?

Vi bliver ofte spurgt, om kandidaterne kan tage vores tests på deres smartphones. Da vi først udviklede vores tests, havde vi ikke engang tænkt på, at tids-kritiske tests som f.eks. tests af numeriske ræsonnementer, skulle kunne udføres "på vejen".

På det tidspunkt fandtes der ingen smartphones, så det at udfylde testen i toget eller andre steder var faktisk ikke noget, vi tænkte på. Men nu har mennesker adgang til informationer af alle slags på den måde. Men det fundamentale problem for os, er vores tro på, at hvis kandidaterne tager tests under sådanne omstændigheder, vil de sandsynligvis ikke præstere deres bedste.  Der er også problemer omkring fairness og muligheder for alle.

Så af disse årsager har vi besluttet, at kun de spørgeskemaer, der ikke er tids-følsomme som f.eks. vores shapes, views, squares, situationsbestemte bedømmelsesspørgeskemaer eller 360 spørgeskemaer vil blive smartphone-venlige. Og vi er gået i gang med en produktkøreplan, der skal konvertere vores evne- eller færdighedstests til at kunne blive taget på en tablet.

Selv om disse enheder stadig er bærbare, vil de sandsynligvis blive brugt på stationære, enkeltpositioner, hvilket er befordrende for koncentration og fokus på udførelsen af en test.

Der er helt klart udfordringer ved at forberede tests til mobil brug, men vi er af den overbevisning, at de kan blive håndteret - og vi tager mod udfordringen.

Læs hele vores artikel om teknologiske trends og vurdering. 

Bedre beslutninger til virksomhedskritiske stillinger

Når det drejer sig om stillinger på mellem- og højere lederniveauer træffes beslutninger ofte alene på basis af erhvervserfaring og ustrukturerede interviews. Dette kan medføre store økonomiske og organisatoriske omkostninger. cut-e's executive assessment tilgang giver dig mulighed for at basere din beslutning omkring udvælgelse eller forfremmelse på baggrund af et validt, pålideligt og objektivt datagrundlag. Det omfatter

  • identifikation af de kompetencer der skal kortlægges i processen
  • en individuel assessment op imod de udvalgte kompetencer
  • telefonisk tilbagemelding direkte efter vurderingen
  • detaljeret tilbagemelding og udviklingsanbefalinger 
  • en skriftlig rapport

Erfarne erhvervspsykologer anvender en kombination af innovative psykometriske værktøjer til at give jer de relevante oplysninger, så I kan træffe en kvalificeret beslutning på et solidt datagrundlag.

Hvor vigtig er talentet i talentstyring?

Talentstyring handlede tidligere om at spotte de unge, opadstræbende, der havde "højt potentiale" inden for rangeringen, for at samle dem i såkaldte talentpools og systematisk udvikle dem - til morgendagens ledere og direktører. Det kunne skabe en noget elitedyrkende tilgang og fokusere på nogle få udvalgte - og måske samtidig overse alle de andre ansatte, som uden tvivl også havde en grad af "talent".

Med de demografiske ændringer, der førte til en mangel på professionelle og ledere, har virksomhederne ikke længere  råd til denne elitedyrkende tilgang til talentstyring.

Så overvej at udskifte ordet "talent" med "potentiale" - og så bliver det pludselig logisk at inkludere hele arbejdsstyrken. Det nye mål: At afdække, udnytte og udvikle alt til rådighed værende potentiale i hver enkelt ansat.

Nogle siger, at talentstyring reducerer omsætningen, nogle siger, det styrker produktiviteten, men hvordan finder du ud af, hvad folk er gode til, og om de har potentiale til at gøre mere?

Med de rette online tests og spørgeskemaer, støtter cut-e dig under udviklingen af en talentstyringsstrategi, og tilbyder egnede løsninger til at genkende, udvikle og beholde de ansatte, der har potentiale til at gøre mere.

Efficiency savings through technical integration

Integrating your assessment with your HRIS or ATS platform leads to efficiency gain, data integrity and paves the way for greater analysis of the test data. We have carried out scores of integrations with a range of third party technology providers and so we know the pitfalls, shortcuts and project management essentials – and we can work with you to implement a full recruitment process. Going forward and as the need to demonstrate ROI grows and there is a greater use of talent analytics, data needs to be in one place, and readily available. Our clients appreciate the hassle-free interface that a cut-e integration gives - and their candidates benefit from a seamless, relevant and slick selection process. 

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